5 tips for last minute costume shopping ( for the guys)

5 tips for last minute costume shopping

1. Pick a costume that slightly shows off your junk( don’t make it blatant)
2. Make sure its a bright color so all the ladies will notice you.
3. Make sure it has some weapon accessory( if not, you’re a female)
4. Don’t be hitler
5. Make sure it can be taken off easy.( easy access)


Just do it-Dress up!

Tonight, the treats, will be oh-so sweet. Thirsty vampires flooding the streets, gruesome zombies crushing the brains of the living. Sounds fun! Twenty years young, and society is saying–I’m too old for this. Remember, going to Party City as a kid? The thrill, of putting on your new costume for the first time. I miss that. If you are contemplating whether or not to dress up tonight, just do it. Fuck It. The young at heart, stay happy. Look for the sexiest(for the las) or bad-ass ( for the lads) costume you can find. If you can’t afford it, steal that shit. (Just kidding) Have a spooky night, filled with many laughs.