I am back, by popular demand.

To my readers,

I apologize for my recent lack of posts. My college schedule has become quite gritty. Never the less, I will continue blogging starting today. Smiles- here to come.


Kanye West Goes On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Reaffirms All of My Feelings Towards Kanye West

Shitty Banter

Kanye - Kimmel Interview

On October 9th, just two days ago, I turned 22 years old. It was great, filled with cake baked by friends and whiskey-gingers from their wallets. I am blessed.

But beyond the pageantry that comes with birthdays on the earthly plane of existence, I like to think that God was smiling on me that day, because he gave me the gift of a lifetime. After all my writings/musings over the Kanye-Kimmel debacle, Yeezy himself would be making an appearance on JKL! to make amends with and/or get mad real with the aforementioned late night host.

In all seriousness, I cannot think of a better birthday gift.

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Jackass Crew back at it again.


Have eyes in the back of your head...and your right side and left.

The ultimate pranksters are back at it. The Jackass Crew has now made a movie on one of their biggest skits “Bad Grandpa.” Coming out later this month will be the featured film “Bad Grandpa” this skit has been around for years as Johnny Knoxville dresses up as an old grandfather and goes around town doing pranks to people. Now this film features the grandfather with a grandson doing pranks around America. These guys know to prank people better than anybody and I am so excited to see this movie! Looks hilarious!

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Feel good songs!

1.) James Blunt – You’re beautiful ( Give it a shot, big self esteem booster. (Pretend that song was written for you) 

2.) Van Morrison- Brown-eyed girl ( Even if brown eyes don’t get you hot, think of it as good memories) 

3.) Spice Girls- Wannabe ( Turn this on and just started jumping, smiles will follow. Don’t get caught.) 

4.) Rusted Root- On my way (Yes, you’ll barely understand what he’s singing about, but it will remind you of every movie with a happy ending.) 

5.) Gloria Gaynor- I will survive ( Caution, make sure you are alone when you listen to this song. May cause screaming) 


With Open Arms.

With open arms.

Welcome someone different into your home.  Someone who you didn’t plan on having over. Who knows? You could be the person to brighten up someones day. The more people you interact with, the more lives you can touch. Thats a fact.

How do you want people to remember you?

Live to touch lives.  Image

Five ways to get good grades in college.

Strive for those good grades folks. There is nothing like getting those A’s. They will definitely lead to some smiles.

1. Stay off Facebook. ( Yes its addicting, stop creeping up on long lost lovers.)

2. While doing an assignment on the computer, avoid clicking every link, that even remotely sparks your interest ( Most of them will end up being porn)

3.  Always start with the work you have the most interest in. ( This is important. You will obviously get distracted no matter what I say, so at least when you regain focus, you will be doing something you’re interested in. )

4. Do not start listing to music. ( it will lead to you looking up new songs, remembering old songs, trying to find the old songs you vaguely remember, watching music videos, looking up concerts, and ultimately get nothing done)

5. Refrain from substituting your work with laundry and cleaning. ( You may feel accomplished, but its taking the easy way out)